Cultivate Sexual Energy With Your Breath

cultivate sexual energy

Imagine you could create small “doses” of full body ecstasy, anytime you want, using just your breath.

Imagine you could access the orgasmic powers of the G-spot without any physical stimulation at all.

We’ve got great news for you: This is totally possible!

To cultivate sexual energy with your breath is one of the many elements of SOMA Breathwork that both men and women can enjoy. Once you understand, practise, and integrate this easy technique, your quality of life can increase exponentially.

In this article you will learn:

Cultivate Sexual Energy Without Physical Touch

If you have ever practised Kundalini Yoga or Tantra, you will already be familiar with this exercise. It makes use of a technique called the Mula Bandha.

In Sanskrit, Mula means root and Bandha means lock.

Essentially, when we do the Mula Bandha we are contracting our pelvic floor muscles. There are 3 areas of the pelvic region: the genitals, perineum, and the sphincter. The Mula Bandha lock is activated easiest when you contract the sphincter muscles. That means pulling the sphincter muscles up, into your body. You can also use the same muscles you’d use to hold in your urine.

Although it takes time to develop the sensitivity to master the technique, the practice you’re about to learn is totally worth the time.

This is also a safe way to gradually awaken the Kundalini, which has the potential to become an incredible vibrant force that will wash over your whole body.

How To Do Mula Bandha

  • Inhale through your nose, using your belly. Squeeze your pelvic floor muscles like you are pulling them up into your body. You could also focus on contracting the muscles that stop your urine flow.
  • Hold the contracted muscles for as long as possible, keeping all of the other muscles in your body totally relaxed.

It may feel a bit strange at first to contract your pelvic floor and sphincter muscles. Just remember that you will soon get the hang of it with practice.

  • Exhale and release the tension completely.

Make sure that you are not activating other muscles at the same time, like your abdominal muscles. Keep the rest of your body as relaxed as possible.

Further Guidance

  1. Always breathe in through your nose, from the belly.
  2. When you contract or “squeeze” the pelvic floor muscles, the rest of the body needs to be fully relaxed. It will take some practice, but it is KEY to fully isolate these muscles.
  3. As you hold the breath in with the contraction, pay attention to the feelings in your body. This is where the G Spot is being stimulated and the Kundalini energy is being awakened.
  4. A daily meditation practice will help develop the sensitivity in the movement of energy in your body.

How This Simple Technique Works

As you practise this exercise each day, you will notice different feelings may arise in different parts of your body.

This explains why Kundalini awakening can be so strong. You are awakening the same potential of a full body orgasm through Yogic asanas and breathing techniques.

But you are not simply cultivating sexual energy, but also strengthening your life force energy. Your pelvic floor muscles are connected to the entire base of the body, which is where the root and sacral chakras are located. Or, where your lower dan tien, your lower energy centre, is found.

Benefits Of Mula Bandha

As you gradually awaken this powerful energy, you will find that simple, everyday tasks suddenly become really enjoyable. You will be excited for life! Practising Mula Bandha gives you the opportunity to switch on your “feel good” mode any time you want. It’s an incredible tool for handling stressful situations effortlessly and maintaining a calm, warm, joyful feeling no matter what.

Other benefits include:

Back and Hip Support

The pelvic floor muscles are a component of the core muscles, which play an important role in supporting the spine and hips. Working them out this way can relieve lower back pain and protect the joints of the pelvis, tailbone, and lower spine.

Bladder support

The pelvic floor muscles also support the bladder. By keeping them strong, you can prevent and even cure bladder leakage.

Increased Vitality and Energy

By taking a breath in and holding it, you are generating a small shot of adrenaline in the body. When you incorporate the pelvic floor contraction, you are adding a Kundalini force to the exercise. This results in a burst of energy and small increase of core temperature whenever you need it.

Benefits for Men

Mula Bandha can help with a speedy recovery after prostate surgery, reducing the risk of rectal prolapse, and improving bowel and bladder control. It can also improve a man’s sexual function.

Benefits for Women

For women, contracting the pelvic floor area improves bowel and bladder control, and faster recovery after childbirth. It is also commonly practised during pregnancy, and it can improve your ability to have incredible orgasms.


To get the full benefits of cultivating sexual life force energy and access the power of the G-spot without physical stimulation, it will require regular practice. But believe us, it’s worth it!

Mula Bandha is one of SOMA Breath’s main techniques exercises uses this muscle, so start practising SOMA Breathwork today and feel the magic happen!

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